Which organic makeup brands are trustworthy?

Which organic makeup brands are trustworthy? Aug, 1 2023

The Bloom of Organic Makeup: Appeal and Benefits

There I was in my local farmers market one sunny Saturday morning, amidst the smell of fresh organic produce, when I stumbled upon a small corner stand selling...wait for it...and listen carefully...ORGANIC MAKEUP! It sounds a bit far-fetched, I know, but the reality is as real as the fresh head of lettuce sitting in front of me, juicy and crunchy, no chemicals included. In a world full of synthetic products, more and more people are turning towards the organic route, including the realm of cosmetics. But one might ask, why would you smear avocado on your face instead of your toast?

As a Seattle-living, organic-food-loving man with a slight obsession for skincare and makeup brands, I've found myself drawn towards the comprehensive, holistic benefits that organic makeup provides. Although I remember admitting to this organic makeup trend as "female stuff," I soon discovered how incredibly wrong I was. Organic makeup is for every face that cares about itself, the environment and the ethical basis of brands it supports. Suddenly, organic wasn't just the way I pick my veggies, it's the newfound anthem of my skincare routine, and could be yours too.

The Greening of Beauty: Decoding What's Truly Organic

So, you're intrigued (I see that spark in your eyes). But you want to know, "Zander, what does organic even mean in the context of makeup?" Ahh, you'll make me spill my best sarcasm, won't you? Well, my friends, 'organic' in makeup isn't about finding cherry tomatoes in your eyeshadow palette. In the beauty industry, organic refers to products that have been made with ingredients grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These products do not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and they're cruelty-free.

However, just because a product markets itself as "organic" doesn't mean it's completely pure. Marketing is a tricky field, my friends, adept at spinning tales more exotic than most novels. Hence, you'll find products labeled as organic despite having only a small percentage of organic ingredients. To really ensure that you're buying a truly organic product, look for certification such as the USDA Organic Seal, which guarantees that your product is at least 95% organic.

Nature's Palette: Organic Brands to Trust

Okay, okay. Enough with the fun and informative preamble you say. Zander, bring out the big guns, show us the top-notch organic makeup brands we can trust. Well, sit back and get ready to jot down notes faster than a high school student during a biochemistry lecture.

The mother of organic makeups, RMS Beauty, prides itself in its dedication to creating pure, organic products that enhance natural beauty. Its founder, Rose-Marie Swift, actually started the brand following her personal journey with health issues; seeking healthier alternatives led her to create RMS Beauty. The brand's ‘Un’ Cover-up is a cult-favorite, a must-try, and my personal pick for its natural coverage and dewy finish.

Clean Beauty Can Be Luxurious: High-End Organic Makeup

Another brand that has graced the shelves of many natural-beauty enthusiasts is Kjaer Weis. This brand was a surprising discovery, a hidden organic treasure amidst it's luxurious brethren. Offering high-end organic makeup that is both high-performance and sustainable, with recyclable packaging that feels weighty and screams 'chic', Kjaer Weis provides the perfect blend of luxury and green-consciousness. Their Cream Blush has put many synthetic blushes to shame with its beautiful pigment and seamless blending.

The Art of Affordable Organic Glam: Low Cost Yet High Quality

Now, before you think organic equals expensive, let me introduce the hidden gem of affordable yet high-quality organic makeup: Burt’s Bees. Oh, yes. The same brand known for its deliciously hydrating lip balms also offers a range of affordably priced makeup products, all with the organic tag. Their Lip Shimmers are an absolute joy – what's better than adding a little color to your lips while keeping them nourished? Nothing, I believe!

The Bright Future of Organic Makeup: Predictions and Final Thoughts

The rise of organic makeup isn't a passing trend - it's a revolution, and it's here to stay. More and more brands are joining this green bandwagon and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients in their favorite products. However, as the market grows, so does the responsibility of us, the consumers, to become educated, aware, and demand transparency and honesty from the brands we invest in. The face of beauty is changing, turning more green every day, and it's an exciting journey that I, Zander, am stoked to be a part of. And I hope you, my readers, join me on this journey towards a more sustainable, ethical, and healthier beauty world.